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Designing a social media platform for Surgeons and Medical experts.


Our client was looking to build a tool that would help Surgeons connect with eachother on a social media platform. With a very similar user experience to Instagram, we came up with an engaging UI and helped bring the tool together to get it off the ground.


A mobile app that will allow surgeons to connect, share photos, order medicines and tablets and receive real-time information from healthcare professionals. This will be a great way for surgeons to interact with eachother and share what's going on at the hospital.


Before diving into conducting user research and coming up with solutions, I focussed on defining the problem and setting guidelines for myself. I framed out the problem statement by listing the 5 Ws:‍

‍What is the product? A mobile application. 

Who is it for? Surgeons

Why does it need to be created? For surgeons to have a 
 platform where they can engage with each other.

What does it need to do? Be interactive and engaging through 

Where/When will it be used? On the floor, during training.

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Design goals

Interaction should be seamless adapt to variable levels of information density across industry verticals.



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Clean out the clutter, and help users easily complete their tasks.

Focusing on user jobs and workflows rather than silos of information.


Bucketing user jobs into the stages of the user journey

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Signing up


We determined that our main objective is to increase daily activity and mobile activity from Surgeons. A large portion of our users are found to be using mobile to login to their accounts.

 Create an account on Surgeon app and sign yourself up as a surgeon by adding NPI number which is given to them by the admin.

 This is to ensure that every user goes through initial verification process before they even start using the app.



The app is designed in a way that makes it easy for the user to add his bio, handle name, website and surgical specialty. The next page also gives an option to select the topic of choice so that the community page on the homepage doesn’t show empty data.

Detail post

This gives user the ability to post with a headline and detailed description of the same. User can add multiple photos as well.

Scapula is ‘thumbs up’ for Surgeon app. Number at the right side of the scapula multiplied by 15 is equal to the total number of likes. Instead of going in a straight forward manner this gives ability to the surgeons to calculate the likes since they like to play with numbers.


Rich, consistent profile drawers for staff, service and customers that can be invoked from the top left corner on the homepage. These give a live, informative 360° glimpse of the entity's post, mentions, engagements and more.


The multi-select drawer is a good solution when the user is familiar with the list's content and knows what they're looking for. They can easily find it by searching or just scrolling to the relevant part of the list. In case when the content of the list is not familiar there are multiple issues.


We introduced better IA, logical grouping of similar & dependent communities, clearer copy and easier ways to configure across the app for better edit experiences.

The communities page has four options: Recently visited, trending, favourite and my communities. Recently visited and Settings have contextual options when you land on it. All the kinds of community pages were clubbed under All communities and a search helps quickly locate niche communities.

Detail page

One of the reasons why micro-blogging services have managed to take off over the last years, is their ability to bring the new, "real-time" dimension to the social interaction on the Web.

We have kept the graphics are always very simple and are used very sparingly. The most important reason for this is the simple fact that vivid visual design isn’t really useful on social networking sites. A strong visual design would create unnecessary noise and make it harder for users to focus on the main content.

Create post

Surgeons can upload image, text based posts, videos, headline, description, tags for poeple to quickly find their posts and products used in the surgery related to that particular post.

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