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Reducing impact on the environment through sustainable alternatives.


Swadhaarani is a brand that helps communities and individuals reduce their impact through environment through sustainable alternatives that are non toxic, zero waste and gentle on all creatures and eco systems. The company was started Anu Sirauthia with her vision to make sustainable living easier for everyone by making products that can be used in daily life so you don't have to sacrifice your personal health or make a lifestyle change.

I worked to create an authentic and trustworthy brand that is built on the idea of creating value for individual action. I have tried to capture the essence of Swadhaarani and translate their philosophy of ‘zero waste’ and ‘giving back to the nature’ into visuals.


Logo approach

The lotus in the logo symbolizes purity and strength, which aligns with our devotion towards environmental preservation. The circle around the lotus represents a circular economy.

Brand color

Brown provides a sense of security that no other color can emulate. Highly sought-after for its wisdom, brown offers life-changing insight. It provides support and guidance, making it a protector through and through.

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